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This website is Hacked by Aung Lat -MMCF

For Those Who Are Killing Innocent Muslims Disturbing Them We Gaved you warning Hindu And Christians but you didnt Stop Your Cheapless Acts

We are Error Security Team
A Attack for those who Abuse Mohammad SAW who Abused Our Religion who Insulted Our Religion who killed innocent muslims
Islam is Religion of Peace, Stop Making fun of Muslims and Mohammad ...!!!!....!!!!
We Only Have fear of Allah, We are the Soldiers of ISLAM ...!!!!

Message for them who Insult Our Prophet (P.B.U.H).Some Cheap AssHoles Bastards Who Had Maded a video on Mohammad SAW Remove it Fast as soon as possible or we ll make your Cyber Space Hell.

We Are Legion, We are Mohammad Lovers We Are Anonymous We Dont Forgive We Dont Forget We Donot Stop We Attack Like Real man We Are Not Cowards
There is silence Before Every Thunder, and you are Enjoying the Silence.

But you don't Deserve the Warnings you thought we are coward we are losers we cant do anything we are sleeping but not dead so now we are in our action now see how we will rip of your Fucking Cyber Space

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A Message For Muslims That We Are here dont worry we will die for islam when our islam need us we will be always there without any delay because we are soldiers of god . ?

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